Ol' Ezra vs. The Magnet Man & His Noise Machines
by J.D. Nelson / July 2005

"Bury me in a black bathrobe," said Ol' Ezra, his chin crusted in blood. "Looks like you've had a wild time," said the Magnet-Man. Ezra called him a pussy, right to his face. The Magnet-Man quietly packed up his things and left. Ezra opened a beer and drank. Soon, he was swimming. The walls of his living room began to intersect each other at strange angles. He was surely losing his mind. Was he going to die? He imagined the whole scenario: Chuck the Landlord would stop by for the rent on the first -- three days away. He'd find Old Ezra dead in his black bathrobe. "Cracker motherfucker," Chuckie would say.

Ol' E. rushed to the gas station and filled twenty small yellow buckets with the used lottery tickets he found in the dumpster. He was hoping that he could get someone to buy him some motor oil. He didn't own a car -- he just liked the taste, especially the stuff in the green can. No one has any money left, he thought to himself and the next thing he knew, he was having his stomach pumped at the $1 Hospital.

Big-Headed Ezra washed his mouth with money, just like his Uncle taught him. I'm eating tender green beans in a dark blue bowl that was stolen from a mattress ship -- you're dawdling & the new noise is just as bad as that old crap! Trust me and believe in the dollar signs I have for eyes. Next: The ringing of machines in my head again?