Mr. Crispy vs. The Happy Math Wizard
by J.D. Nelson / July 2005

Are y'all real Klingons?

Protect your neck from Gregory Peck!

Measured mousehole, blowhole, a crumb or a speck named Pete

-- sashimi, Baphomet, kernel ok --

I'm longing for division and a taste of her saucy tamale.

Have manners gone right out the window with the bath otter?

Bad breath and sour feet --

I'm walking to the convenience store in my bath robe.
It has thousands of stars all over it,
like the inside of my fading brain.

I'll melt you down like a two-cent blue dinosaur with no shirt on.

The coffee girl brings more sweet cream biscuit cheeks.

The phone is ringing again.

I know it's not for me.