The : A Superstition Postscript
by AE Reiff / 2005

Introducing Eco Pods, All Chem, The Each-all
and Other New Concepts

     The Old Felines, a fraternal order of causation and response, as they liked to call themselves, had a sendup of their mundane cousins.

  "Phoneme and form, brothers: the syntax-drive of the Telus pyramid is sound-fired, sound-fused and sound itself."

  "I say, there's more in these patties than tofu!"

      Sir Arthur Paddington downed his glass snootily, a spoon in his left hand. His whitened pate shone like the before the demise of that old order. The lecherous claw of his hand, that had bent to many a coed's instruction, swept the air to the esoteric rhythm of the Sapless Foliage, a quartet in octopus suits and tennis shoes. These musicians endeared themselves to the company, playing a fusion of country hymns with lyrics based upon the Declaration of Independence, the occasion being to celebrate another glorious 4th. This you see was that august company's gala event celebrating the removal of evil from our nation, state and world, the year, anno domini.

If ever souls were given to exactitude, here their least common
denominator lay, a chick- hatching convention of democrats,
albeit of the intellectual sort.

Sir Arthur proclaimed: "Achilles dragged Hector three times round the stones boys; shall we, who sit upon his shoulders, do less?"

      Thereupon the old man produced a rubber mass, connected it to it his freon air horn, as did others at his table, and proceeded to blow up a lifesize version of the Trojan shepherd. With a high hoot, they who numbered themselves an advance company of the Superstition Democrats, shuffled thrice about the table, dragging their Hectors, singing, yo ho, ho yo, yo ho.

      This sensation was in tune with the whole evening, which had seen other middle-aged gents in frog suits pummeling each other while singing Et Tu Brute A tall string bean of a man lay upon on the floor and made eruptions like a volcano erupting. Producing a mask like a great fig, he escaped via a trapdoor beneath to emerge above and shinny down the fixtures, landing seat first in the pudding. Members of the Druggists' Association, losing all control, leapt from chair to chair chasing a buxom dressed as a pull dispenser.

      If these merry causes did not pass the bounds of taste commonly accepted among us, it was certainly because we were used to the world free of evil which we inhabit. It was too grand an occasion to miss, like all celebrations, absurd and glorious, especially since the new rule of Anything Goes, which under the old system license, was under the new, liberty.

      The druggists let off their steam from the ages of duplicity, now coated as they surely were with sincerity. Did Sir Arthur Paddington know that with his glass of milk he was drinking equality, society, brotherhood? Yes the rural cow was a specimen of the new order, for without evil the most innocuous things, which had previously been turned against their pristine functions, could now blossom into that grand state known to us as the Each-All, that being simply that all is each and each is all, homogenous, not separate particles in the cosmic pattern.

      Peace bloomed everywhere, from the new harmonies on cola cans, sublimely manufactured to reduce tensions by their packaging, to the sodas themselves, spiked with the druggists' latest discovery, HappyPeace, the trank that was a euphoriant too, operating metabolically, needing only periodic boosters, which of course proved endemic, since everybody drank the stuff like water.

      To be safe, to be sure, the water too was treated. What in the past polluted world was All-Chem, was now a synthesis of breakeven economy married to the exponential life style. Pure water, as we now have it, is pure and affects everyone favorably with its chemistry.

      Other benefits, beef for everyone, since cows where now as big as garages, self contained meat packing houses which, even better, fed upon treated effluent that fertilized also the cabbage and lotus root, everyone's favorite.

      Consider too the beneficial effects of the new housing bubbles. No roofs needed roofing, nor windows cleaning, for the Enginactory Organism, so called for its capacity to literally breathe with the environment, easily inflated at no cost to anybody, was just like the prophylactics distributed in high schools near the end of the last age.

      A perfect transaction of equity obtained in the earth community. Ecoponics, meaning the water based economic freedom for all, was about the only substance left after evil was rehearsed into oblivion. The EcoPods, an idea traced initially to the work of Poe, were set according to Earth's axis to activate simultaneous hydrogen fusion in each second of any given latitude and longitude per quadrant. This was microscopically done to ensure even and gradient combustion for all. "Burning the water" it was called,

      Did Sir Arthur know he was drinking equanimity with his milk? No doubt this gives us a better picture of what we druggists were celebrating, but it is incomplete without a brief examination of the interior metaphysics of new thought. In each new person there was a desire to better the means of existence and further Means-maximization, that true openness to social conditioning. Peace and safety for all. Peace, peace, we had cried in our youth and now peace reigned. Indeed, all up and down the chain of duty and response, society functioned like a healthy child. The internal dynamics, the group expectations, the joy frivolity of peace universal.

      Did Sir Arthur know?

      What can a great pioneer of cities, with universes founded upon his effort know?

      I say to you citizen, in the venerable words of the Old Felines, isn't this not the best, the most humane, the most rewarding of all the worlds?